Founded in 2017, Latigo Music Group is the brainchild of Jay Angel Latigo, a hip-hop underground rapper whose extensive experiences have provided him with an in-depth understanding of the nitty-gritty of the industry. Intimately aware of the power of music and its ability to inspire and influence listeners, the go-getter established this passion-fueled venture to help budding musicians translate their visions into reality as well as shed light on today’s injustices and social issues. Latigo Music Group, which has associated with Dope House Records, takes pride in its roster of multi-talented personalities whose deep-seated love for the craft and inventory of skills have allowed each one of them to stand out among a plethora of other talented artists. Jay Angel Latigo, together with the rest of the team of highly competent professionals at the helm of this well-acclaimed establishment, boasts another addition to the family: Victor Israel Madera, better known as Trizzy Trillz.
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