Who is Jay Angel Latigo? And What is Latigo Music Doing Today?
Latigo Music Group is based on Queens, New York. Originally made and Founded in the Rio Grande Valley, in a city called Brownsville, TX. Jay Angel Latigo is a upcoming and independent artist who is coming for the music industry. He released “Houston, We Have A Problem” on October of 2020 being released about three years later. He makes a statement who doubted him which he fun of them and attack his bullies without any cap or remorse. Not only he attacks ICE from ICE HOUSE Records in “Why,Why, Why,also being Blocked by Carolyn Rodriguez and Mia Khalifa with Being a Nuisance to the Dope House Recording artist and Porn Star who is now a Famous Figure in the world. He also later took down releases that attacked on the CEO of TMobile Mike Sievert and Yet no one is saying anything yet. He released “The Motive” to expose Mike Sievert and Trash him with the Vulgarity He had to say it was so bulgur that it had to be taken down. Who’s Jay Again? He was Born Jose Angel Latigo Jr, in Brownsville, TX in 1995. Being Born with ADHD & Bipolar Disorder he never had a stable childhood from being raped and abused by other peers in the family to his dad being abusive emotionally and always sending him to jail because he never wanted him to succeed in life and basically take all the credit. His Mom in the past struggled paying the bills and abuse of drugs while growing up. He never had close peers and those that did always stood around. He always wanted the best for others and letting others heal, recover their pain and listen to them when nobody else could. He just wanted to create his family. In 2012, He went to Rehab and graduated In 2013, He went to college at UTB/TSC, but later dropped out 2014 Got locked up and sent to prison 2015, -2017 Was in prison that story we will save later. But When he released His Music on Platforms and it got some traction like 2020 Make It Burn, at 23K On Spotify 2019 I Tried I’m Sorry 16K and counting And 2020 Smoke Some Weed around 13K-14K plays. So far we are a baby label. “I been through a lot in my life that it’s hard to recapture memories and breaking my silence on telling the world my story piece per piece. Anxiety will hurt you but as a kid I never had money, cars or I never had the luxury to be in a position where I am at now. I am now wanna help artist the same way labels do. But by investing in them even if it means risking it all. I’m coming” - Jay Angel Latigo Tells Latigo Music Group Jay has passion and driven skills to help independent artist build their brand and remain independent. “We are small label but we’re just getting started” He says that he is open to collab with anyone and anytime. Influenced by SPM, Eminem, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar Lady Gaga and Just the Music He grew up on made him escape his pain from experiences he wants to let go. Keep pushing it’s only the start. - Written by Latigo Music Staff Thanks for reading 📖 Follow us @RealLatigoMusic
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