People cope with problems and traumas in different ways. Those who want to get a firm understanding often go to therapy. Others who do not have the financial means delve into outlets like sports or different forms of art. Jay Angel Latigo is an individual who endured some difficult upbringing and found comfort in music. Today, he is paving the way to make his mark in the industry under the stage name ‘Browntown Mexican’ and share his story with the rest of the world.
Born in Brownsville, Texas, Jose Angel Latigo had a difficult time getting along with his father. Because he never stayed around the house for too long, Jose was alienated from his father. Eventually, his father’s frequent absence was made permanent when he decided to walk out on Jose and his mother. The event left a significantly negative impact on Jose as he became emotionally disturbed. Traumatized and withdrawn, Jose was frequently bullied by his peers at school. At some point, he was forced to transfer from one school to another. Jose would also bounce from one home to another and once found himself living in an RV when the lights got shut out. To escape from his reality, Jose would delve into music. Rap resonated the most with him as Kumbia Kings, Eminem, and Chingo Bling provided the sanctuary he needed.
When he turned eighteen years old, Jose was framed for robbery. Despite his innocence, the prosecution case was rigged, and he was forced to undergo four years of TDCJ. Even in the units, Jose was constantly bullied for focusing on getting home instead of causing a fraction. Jose struggled to maintain himself and took pills for his ADHD and bipolar disorder. Growing up troubled, he felt the world did not understand him and dreamed of owning materialistic possessions. Being poor was not an option or a choice but an inheritance he got from his family. Upon his release, Jose set out to start his life over. In 2017, he moved back in with his mother and created his label ‘Latigo Music Group.’ The record label was built on the foundation of showing the world about injustices, social issues, and support from local independent artists’ perspectives. Throughout the years, Latigo Music Group signed multiple artists. Despite another setback in 2018, Jose Angel Latigo was able to bounce back. He would make the brave decision to move to New York City with his boyfriend. With strong support in him, Jose bounced back and stepped up his game. The years of doubt, laughter, and mockery drove him to push for greatness. Hungry, highly skilled, passionate, and motivated, Jose pulled his label into the spotlight.
Despite the pandemic rocking the world in 2020, Latigo Music Group released its most passionate album called ‘Houston, We Have a Problem.’ The album, which was associated with Distrokid Amuse, put the label on people’s radar. Earlier this year, Ruby’s Recording shed more light on Latigo Music Group. As things have started to work out, Jose Angel Latigo has grown optimistic about working with prominent names in the music industry. He hopes to use his influence to reach out to people and shed a light of hope for those enduring what he went through.