Repost By SoundCloud Offers Cheaper Rates than DistroKid. No Cap. No BS. Just Facts.
Repost by SoundCloud is the most affordable distribution on the planet. Im going to breakdown and explain in a very short and simple way you can understand. Repost was founded by SoundCloud to get your music into all major platforms. They also have Fan Powered Royalties which mean it can spot the fake plays and the real plays and Doesn’t get your music flagged by the DSP. But they can confirm each premium subscription rather than DistroKid. DistroKid is a great distributor, but when it comes to customer service, threatening artists and using they’re own Press to save their butts. Ok… If Repost wants to take you down, they’ll say to you directly instead shut you off without notice. Thats the real secret why I left. But it has potential. Repost can offer you starting $30 a year Monthly, (per year) is $2.50 a month for Repost. DistroKid charges more than $19.99 a year. When you add content ID yearly, Shazam yearly, And extra features that you don’t need. It’s not wonder DistroKid is not catching my attention anymore. Join Repost Network now Repost By SoundCloud. Repost. Distribution at much way cheaper price. $30 year. No BS. No Cap. Just Facts.
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